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Jokerelli: Making the Playlists - j o k e r e l l i
Jokerelli: Making the Playlists
This is fun trying to keep tabs.

You can hear jokerelli on Tess's Indie-Wave on live365.com, DJ Hellion on DarksideRadio.com, Lestat's 120 Minutes of Gothic Music on both Darksideradio.com and live365.com, http://www.radio-sanctuary.com/ in Switzerland, Web Radio Onde FM in Paris, Radio Propagande, Montreal & myspace, Radio Schwartz Welle, Germany, Basse Frequenze, Cosenza Italy,

at The Charnel House in NewCastle UK, Beyond the Veil Leeds UK (and hopefully gotik-treffen in Leipzig, Germany), Dead-Kennys party in Franfurt, Germany,

thanks to DJs Black Dahlia, Darkstone, De'Ath, Ghost, Ridoux, Hellion, Louis Lestat, MSU, Ridoux, Sioux'boy, Tess, Zurn, Donovan Tate at Chain D.L.K. and Gothique Factory Records for the CD review and the others. I will update as I find out.

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