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jokerelli's Journal

j o k e r e l l i
8 April 1962
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I lives in a 100 year old, occasionally haunted house with my wife, a son and daughter and two cats. My musical taste is eclectic but I prefer the darker music of the 80s - gothic, batcave etc. followed by the more danceable stuff like Depeche Mode, Clan of Xymox, etc. I was born in Athens, Georgia (must have been the water) and grew up prowling New York City during some very exciting musical times. In a former life, I was the sole DJ at Rick's American Cafe on Long Beach Island, New Jersey for about seven years forcing my musical tastes down the throat of unsuspecting locals.

Except where noted, Jokerelli is one person who writes, arranges and plays all music.

Jokerelli is very close to how my actual name is pronounced.